OURS - Ohio Urban Resources System

OHIO URBAN RESOURCES SYSTEM - Improving The Lives of Ohio's Urban Core

Action Steps

  • VOTE and help register others to vote!
  • Support increase in minimum wage.
  • Make a personal commitment to help at local homeless shelters and food pantries.
  • Write letters, send petitions to elected officials, organize “call to action” events.
  • VOLUNTEER! Lend your expertise and talents to by offering free workshops in neighborhood schools and recreation centers. Mentor a youth/young people. Help at the legal aid society on special anti-poverty services. 
  • Work directly with your local, state and federal elected officials and urge for support on investment programs, i.e. SNAP, WIC Head Start, Workforce Development.
  • Contact your local and state elected officials and urge them to support quality education, access to healthcare, economic security, high wage skilled jobs, affordable childcare and increase transportation.
  • Apply to serve on a state board or commission through the Ohio Boards and Commissions.
  • Sponsor/organize debates/candidate forums – be fair, non-partisan and open to all.
  • Invite state legislators to programs and services in their districts.
    Work with local coalitions on local issues to eliminate the cycle of poverty such as creating urban gardens and food co-ops, training at neighborhood leadership program and more.
  • Testify before local school board members, council members and state officials.
  • Create scorecards to help educate voters/constituents.
  • Be a voice for the voiceless.