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2018 Ohio Legislative Black Caucus Day of Advocacy

In April 2018, the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus (OLBC) hosted its annual Day of Advocacy: “Reclaiming our Government.” 

As we face a crucial time not only as a nation but particularly as a state, we look at the key issues and ways that will help us reclaim our government during this years Day of Action. Throughout the course of the day, OLBC engaged the statewide community in a couple of ways:

  • Opening a discussion with younger generations in helping them discover ways they can take a prominent role in the current landscape that we all face.
  • Creating a dialogue with groups on ways we can recognize some of the issues crippling our communities while teaching how to effectively advocate for solutions to emerge from these issues.

Members of the Ohio Urban Resources System attended in support of smart policy changes and legislation on behalf of Ohio’s urban communities.