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"As long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality persist in our world, none of us can truly rest." - Nelson Mandela


O.U.R.S. 3rd Annual Conference

According to the BLS current population survey (CPS), the unemployment rate for Ohio fell 0.1 percentage points in March 2018 to 4.4%. The state unemployment rate was 0.3 percentage points higher than the national rate for the month. The jobless rate inched down despite Ohio losing jobs because the unemployment rate and increase or decrease in jobs are based on different measures.

While Ohio’s rural and urban communities share roller coaster statistics, research by Policy Matters Ohio uncovered many urban counties still show unique challenges in areas of broken union structures, race disparities, unemployment compensation and quality job training to name a few.

The 3rd Annual Ohio Urban Resources System Conference, “Let’s Get Back to Work” will focus on ready-to-work strategies by matching skilled workers with career employment and eliminating workforce barriers in Ohio’s urban communities. Workshop presenters will provide strategies and tools required to place individuals and families in employment that provides livable wages, creating cradle to career pathways and diversifying the work pool with innovative entrepreneurial and social enterprise ventures.

Who Should Attend:
The conference will benefit attendees from community action agencies, non-profit and for-profit sectors:

  • Urban Community Action Agencies
  • Government/Public Policy
  • Education
  • Workforce Development
  • Social Justice
  • Academia
  • Social Work
  • Employers with job vacancies
  • Community partners


Conference Details

October 24-26, 2018
Renaissance Toledo Downtown
444 N. Summit Street, Toledo, OH 4
Conference registration deadline: October 12, 2018 Click here.
Room reservation deadline: September 24, 2018 at: Book your group rate for Ohio Urban Resources System 3rd Annual Conference

Registration Cost:

O.U.R.S. Members – member discount applied at registration
Non-O.U.R.S. Members - $175.00

Payments accepted by checks, money orders and/or PayPal (
Send payments to:
Cincinnati-Hamilton County Community Action Agency
c/o Ohio Urban Resources System
1740 Langdon Farm Road
Cincinnati, OH 45237


We seek workshop submissions in two categories – 1) Workforce development under the conference theme and/or 2) Strengthen the social and economic security of families in urban communities. If you’d like to submit a workshop proposal, please contact with any questions or concerns. Workshop proposals should cover the following areas but not limited to:

  • Managing multiple generations in the workplace
  • Advocacy 101: Engaging with Legislators
  • Best practices in hiring and firing employees
  • Succession planning and preparing emerging leaders
  • Creating and maintain coping skills for human service professionals
  • Incorporating hard to employ and vulnerable populations in the workforce
  • Threats of implicit bias and systemic racism in social services
  • Identify best practices for implementing cultural competence within agencies and improving workplace culture
  • Best practices for engaging with corporate and for-profit employers
  • Fair housing and equity in urban communities
  • Addressing employment barriers for transitional-aged youth
  • Voters rights and registration for disenfranchised communities
  • Dislocated workers and the recalibrating professionals
  • Protecting Ohio’s children through childcare, healthcare and education
  • Identifying corporate and for-profit employers who are committed to hiring and training workers of diversity and inclusion

Meet the Board of Directors

Ohio Urban Resource Systems (O.U.R.S.) is a statewide network comprised of ten Community Action Agencies in Akron, Canton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Erie-Huron-Mansfield, Lorain, Youngstown, Toledo and Trumbull.

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The Issues in Ohio

Ohio is the home of nearly 12M residents, a rich history of firsts and a proud collection of ethnicity and diversity in its 88 counties. According to the Census ACS 1-year survey, the median household income for Ohio was $51,075 in 2015. The state ranks 36th or 29.3% for college degrees. Yet we still advocate for basic needs for more than 60% residents Ohioans still live below the federal poverty level.

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What We Do

Envision the Ohio Urban Resources System network to strengthen the social and economic security of families and their communities. O.U.R.S. is recognized as the leading resource for breaking the poverty cycle.

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Everyone can help reduce poverty in Ohio. It will require efforts from community members, leaders, politicians, business owners, clients, and customers across the state. As we work together, be sure to do your part.

Action Steps to Reduce Poverty


Your feedback is valuable. We know the only way to get the best results for everyone is to hear the voice of everyone. Send an email. Follow our FaceBook page. Attend our local community events across the state.

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O.U.R.S. is engaged in the community at-large and enjoys great relationships with our consumers, stakeholders and national affiliates. Please view our photos to learn more about how we are involved in community action.